Hey there! Welcome to Unlearning Labs. I am Vishakha, an educator, avid reader and someone who loves reading about learning, schooling and really all things education. Over the past decade, I dabbled through the edtech world and was fascinated by technology and how it enables learning. I also worked with nonprofits and understood the need for affordability and accessibility in learning. Along with the firsthand edtech and nonprofit experience, I followed the leaders of education like Clayton Christensen, Barbara Oakley through their innovative stances on education and how we as a society need to transform our understanding of learning. Not just the leaders of education, but the business forerunners such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs spoke multiple times about the value of first principles thinking and consistency in success for any human being.

With so many inputs about the world of learning, I needed an outlet. And that is Unlearning Labs. Unlearning Labs is my playground for all things learning. It’s a blog today and hopefully in the near future, a community of people who want to learn about learning and apply it in their contexts.

What will I be writing at Unlearning Labs?

  1. Innovations in learning and education
  2. Deconstructing the role of technology
  3. How do we apply the new age innovation in our learning journey?
  4. Lastly, I will share my personal takes on the current tide changes in education and what the future may look like!

Who is Unlearning Labs writing for?

  1. If you are an education enthusiast
  2. If you are looking to broaden your knowledge about learning and education
  3. If you love innovations in alternative education, then this blog is for you!

Unlearning thought of the day!

What did you learn while playing with your friends after school?