What is Product Deconstruct? 

As a part of my blog, I look at learning solutions, not from an educator’s lens but as an aspiring product builder. I focus on the user experience, stickiness and refrain from divulging into content and quality of the content. My goal is to learn from these learning products, understand what sticks and drops and sharpen my product sense. I hope you enjoy reading these! 

About Kiddom

Kiddom offers digital curriculum to teachers and learners in a virtual or physical classroom. Founded in 2015, Kiddom offers end to end solutions to teachers from managing curriculum, providing feedback and assessment and communication with learners with the aim of efficiency and focus on learning.

In 2018, Kiddom was in 70% of the US schools, helping teachers personalize and adapt content to the learners needs. Source: Business Insider

Kiddom solves 3 problems that teachers face in the classroom:

  1. Teachers want to know how each learner is performing and guide them to improve through adaptive feedback and content
    • Kiddom is solving that through personalized feedback, individual and class reports that teachers can analyze to guide further. 
  2. Teachers want to focus on their learners and not change lesson plans based on synchronous or asynchronous settings
    • Kiddom helps teachers build daily and weekly plans and choose content for online and offline instructions
  3. Teachers want to focus on engagement and need diversity in the content spanning from videos, interactive games, worksheet, reading materials and so on. 
    • Kiddom provides content from Khan Academy, Splash Learn, Scholastic, PBS Learning Media to name a few. All of these content sources can be assigned to students based on their levels. 

For this deconstruct, I will focus on three offerings that help teachers create an engaging and personalized learning experience:

1. Timeline

In this offering, a teacher can schedule content and keep a track of prior weeks. This gives teachers a birds eye view of their classroom’s content progress and plan ahead. The scheduled content can be personalized based on learner progress. 

2. Content Library

Kiddom provides teachers with a content library that they can use as classroom and offline resources, again for the entire classroom and for individual learners. Teachers can save content and return to it at a later date for revision. The content is diverse, interactive and provides opportunities to engage learners who might prefer learning through videos, reading materials or worksheets.

3. Individual and class assessment

Teachers get to analyze monthly and weekly assessment data based on learner activities. Learners are assigned one of the four levels – Exceeds, Mastery, Approaching and Developing

After a brief study of Kiddom and understanding the value proposition, I would suggest two adjacent paths that would help teachers prioritize content and engagement

1. Recommended content

Kiddom provides diversity in content filtered by instruction style. It would help teachers prioritize if Kiddom recommended content based on fellow teacher feedback. If a teacher liked a certain piece of content, she could provide feedback based on her observation and that would help other teachers. 

2. Interactive timeline:

As teachers receive feedback, they need the opportunity to change when a content piece is presented to the class. This will help teachers keep the class progress aligned to their content needs. 

Overall user experience

Kiddom helps teachers prioritize teaching and facilitating learners to succeed. Other time-consuming activities, such as assessment, research for content sources and classroom activities are managed by Kiddom. I enjoy digging deep into learning products that prioritize the learner and their experience. Kiddom is building the future of education.

This product deconstruct was designed in a different format. I looked at 3 offerings that made Kiddom unique and 2 recommendations to help teachers prioritize content and engagement.

In the previous deconstructs, Quizlet and ClassDojo, I shared the user experience when a user logs in, navigates through the homepage, positive reinforcement through gamification and other unique offerings.

If you have feedback or recommendations, or want to chat about edtech products, feel free to write to me at vishakhak29@gmail.com