Hi there! This blog will be different. I am reaching 3 months as a writer and you inspire me to make Unlearning Labs better and brighter. A heartfelt thank you from a very grateful writer. 

I started this journey to help us learn better. I am no expert but I like to untangle this world of learning and share it with you with two goals:

  1. Unlearn our patterns to be lifelong learners
  2. Make education better, by knowing that each learner is unique and so should be experience

Why is this blog different? 

I would like to curate the next phase of the journey with you and make sure you find value in this weekly. I am grateful to share a few moments with you and your feedback helps me curate my course. 

I have one question for you – why is unlearning important to you? 

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment or if you would like to share it privately, let’s start a conversation at vishakhak29@gmail.com

Till next week,

Vishakha from Unlearning Labs

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